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Open a primary savings account today to become a credit union member and start saving. Minimum deposit is only $13.00!

To become a credit union member, open a primary savings account with a minimum deposit of $13.00. $10.00 is your “share” in the credit union and must remain on deposit to retain your membership; $3.00 is a new account set up fee. As a member, you share in the ownership of the credit union. Dividends are calculated on the account’s average daily balance. A minimum balance of $10.00 is required. Dividends are compounded quarterly and paid quarterly. You will receive a quarterly statement of transactions made to your account during the period.


A savings account established for attorneys to deposit funds and generate appropriate levels of revenue to provide legal services to low income citizens. A minimum deposit of $12.00 is required. Dividends are paid monthly on the account’s average daily balance.
Rates Effective January 1, 2024

Money Market Account

Certificate of Deposit

MSFCU offers short and long term investments. Term Share Certificates are time deposits which require a minimum deposit of $1,000.00 or $2,500.00. Terms are available from six (6) months to three (3) years. Early withdrawal penalties apply.

Rates Effective June  1, 2024


We have one of the best options to help wage-earners and spouses save for tomorrow’s retirement years while receiving possible tax benefits today. We have Traditional, Educational and Roth Accounts.

Holiday Account

The perfect way to save for the holiday season.

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